The Mens Galanta Vest – Turf


Nü product !

  • Designed in Dublin and knit in Kilcar, Donegal
  • 80% Merino wool, 10% Cashmere & 10% Mulberry Silk, dyed and spun in Donegal
  • Men’s fit
  • This Winter, let turf keep you nice & cosy 🙂
  • A beautiful, timeless brown
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for dispatch x

Absolutely delighted that the ever-so-popular Galanta Vest is now available in the perfect men’s fit! That’s one more addition to the Galanta family 🙂 I wanted to create our Galanta in the perfect men’s fit as I feel like there’s a gap in the market for men’s knitwear. The standard aran jumpers are always available but cool, versatile, modern knitwear pieces are not always available, especially not available with a mens fit in mind. And so, I designed this vest for men with broader shoulders & a longer torso, but more importantly, want to be apart of the knitwear game and to have a piece that will last a lifetime 🙂

Size Guide
This is a standard size for a man, designed for the perfect mens fit. We’ve taken into account mens broader shoulders & longer torsos & we are thrilled with the fit!  This is perfect for someone who likes an oversized, baggy fit. Perfect for layering!
Length (from hem to shoulder): 70cm
Width across chest: 60cm


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