Imperfect Nü Aran Jumper – Grey – XXL – Long Fit


  • 100% Merino wool, dyed and spun in Donegal.
  • Beautiful natural grey flecks with contrast signature neon cuff.
  • Designed and made in Ireland.

Ok! So this jumper is BIG. I seemed to go through a brief phase when I made jumpers too long. I’m 5ft8 and it’s like a dress on moi. See crappy phone photo for rough idea. It could look cool and oversized if you’re very tall. Yeah this jumper is massive ahaha so don’t order unless you’re tall or love oversized things.

Size guide

XXL – Sleeves and body are a long fit. Fits men as long XL.

Length (from hem to highest shoulder point) : 80cm

Width across chest : 68cm

Arm (from cuff to centre back): 90cm 




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