Nü Aran Jumper – Charcoal


  • 100% Merino wool, dyed and spun in Donegal.
  • Contrast signature neon cuff.
  • Designed and made in beautiful, downtown Raheny, Co. Dublin.

Tradition, nostalgia, iconic Irish symbols – all valid guilty pleasures. To stay on the safe side, our classic cable knit meets a hi-viz cuff at one wrist. The Nü Aran jumper is a tribute to the historic skill and hard work of the Irish, and our will to keep working toward a better future. May this alarming colour serve as a warning to nostalgics. Keep only the good parts of tradition, and progress with the rest!

  • Please note that every garment is handcrafted and slight variations will occur. Stitch patterns may change slightly and neon cuffs will vary in shades of brightness due to different dye batches. I view this as a positive thing as every garment is unique to you!

Size guide

The Nü Aran Jumper in Charcoal is currently available in one size only to fit UK 8-10. Stone and Sky are available in 12-14 but not Charcoal. Contact me if you are interested in pre-ordering Charcoal size 12-14.

UK 8-10 jumper measures:
Length (from hem to shoulder) : 67cm
Width across chest : 49cm
Shoulder length: 16cm
Arm length: 49cm

I am working tirelessly to be inclusive with my sizes. Unfortunately my current production methods only allow for limited sizes. This is temporary, I will be investing in new machinery that have wider knit beds so I can knit wider blankets and bigger jumpers. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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