The Nü Aran Jumper – Sky


She’s back…

  • Sky Blue & neon cuff <3
  • Designed in Dublin and knit in Kilcar, Donegal
  • 100% Merino wool, dyed and spun in Donegal
  • Contrast signature neon details, dyed in Scotland
  • New & Improved fit !!
  • Unisex

Ah, my much loved take on the traditional aran jumper has arrived in sky blue! Back by popular demand, the Nü Aran Jumper in Sky ! I first designed and produced this jumper a few years ago and it was a hit! It sold out and was so popular among you guys! But I decided to retire the Sky jumper as I was going in a different direction with my brand. However, people ask me for it all the time and it felt like the right time to bring it back. The colour compliments the fit of the jumper and I’m delighted to reintroduce the colour into the jumper family. So, I am delighted to once again announce that the Nü Aran Jumper in Sky is available now for pre-order.

Sky blue, a cosy and relaxing colour. It reminds me of that sunny day, not a cloud in sight and the sky is beaming. Sky & the Nü Aran Jumper go together like bread & butter, a match made in heaven. Putting on the jumper is like a warm hug, tied with the colour Sky and you have an instant serotonin hit!

Tradition, nostalgia, iconic Irish symbols – all valid guilty pleasures. To stay on the safe side, our classic cable knit meets a hi-viz cuff at one wrist. The Nü Aran jumper is a tribute to the historic skill and hard work of the Irish, and our will to keep working toward a better future. May this alarming colour serve as a warning to nostalgics. Keep only the good parts of tradition, and progress with the rest!

Please note that because of the nature of hand made garments, there might be some minor differences between each garment. This is what makes each jumper unique! Minor differences might include different speck patterns and slight differences in the knitting style. Any major differences will be noted and told to the customer before dispatch.

This is a new and improved fit, please check the size guide for details.

Size guide
This unisex round neck, chunky textured dream is currently available in three sizes. Please note sizes are rough guides only as these are handcrafted garments and it’s hard to label exact sizes as they look different on everyone.

Women’s Small
UK Size 6-10. I am size UK8 and 5′8″ and I wear this size, see photo. My sister is size UK6 and 5′3″ and wears this size slightly oversized.

Women’s Medium / Men’s Small
UK sizes 12-16. My Mam is size UK14 and 5′7″ and she wears this size. You can also wear this size as oversized fit if you’re a tall size UK10 — though the arms are long so you need to be tall! This size can be worn as a standard Men’s Small.

Women’s Large / Men’s M/L
UK sizes 16-18. Please note this is a long fitting size, the arms are long on women. This is a very good standard fit on men. My Dad is 6′ and is a standard M, though he usually buys Size L jumpers. This size is perfect on him!

I am working tirelessly to be inclusive with my sizes. Unfortunately my current production methods only allow for limited sizes. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.





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