Nü Moon Scarf


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  • 100% Merino wool traditionally spun in Donegal
  • Pre-washed to ensure extra softness and warmth
  • Unisex style
  • Designed in Dublin and knit in Kilcar, Donegal
  • One Size | 30cm x 190cm

Beep-beep nü style alert! This scarf is an updated version of our original Cerridwen Wrap Scarf. The neon hem has been replaced with a slash of silver. Bright endings.

Dark night, sprinkled with twinkling stars. Flashing twin comets fly past to light up your star sign. It tells you that this scarf suits your personality, that you are gently if endearingly flawed, but we see great things in your future — you are wearing the Nü Moon, or maybe you have gifted it to a starry-eyed friend? Only you can fulfil your true celestial destiny.



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