Nü Aran Cropped Jumper – Cloud

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Nü Product !!!

  • Designed in Leitrim and knit in Kilcar, Donegal
  • 100% Merino wool, dyed and spun in Kilcar, Donegal
  • Cloud white
  • Contrast signature Neon cuff hand dyed in Scotland
  • New and improved fit! Shorter in length than our original jumpers.
  • Pearl wears the size small
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for dispatch x

Our Nü Aran Cropped jumper is just as inviting as a fluffy cloud and will leave you just as cosy too. This aran jumper in Cloud is easy breezy, throw on over any outfit and it completes & elevates the look! The perfect colour for sunnier days, this creamy Cloud white is sure to go with your summer outfits. I’ve been wearing mine over dresses and skirts and it’s been beautiful. I’ve been wearing my Nü Aran Cropped Jumper in Cloud while gardening and doing house work on my new farm and it’s been fuelling my cottage core dreams.

This Cloud white allows you to see the stitch pattern clearly, and the neon perfectly compliments the creamy white. It’s a match made in heaven <3  Cloud lesson! There are 4 types of clouds, this aran resembles the ~cumulus cloud~ the most. Cumulus clouds are puffy types of white clouds that look like cotton balls in the sky. Our Nü Collection has been inspired by the Irish skies, with a typical feature of said sky being the clouds. There are always such beautiful, inviting, pillowy clouds in the skies. Gazing up at them every day in Leitrim, I was inspired to create this piece and the full collection around the idea of the Irish sky. Hope you love x x

This is a new and improved fit, please check the size guide for details.

Size guide
This unisex round neck, chunky textured dream is currently available in three sizes. Please note sizes are rough guides only as these are handcrafted garments and it’s hard to label exact sizes as they look different on everyone. Please note that this aran jumper is cropped which means that it will sit higher than my usual jumpers. This cropped jumper should sit just below the belly button. Please see measurements for details x

UK Size 6-10. I am size UK8 and 5′8″ and I wear this size, see photo. My sister is size UK6 and 5′3″ and wears this size slightly oversized.

Measurements :

  • Length ( Highest shoulder point to bottom of hem)  – 50cm
  • Width ( Across the chest ) – 44cm
  • Sleeve ( cuff to centre back ) – 72cm

UK sizes 12-16. My Mam is size UK14 and 5′7″ and she wears this size.

Measurements :

  • Length – 52cm
  • Width – 48cm
  • Sleeve – 74cm

UK sizes 16-18.

Measurements :

  • Length  – 54cm
  • Width – 52cm
  • Sleeve – 72cm

I am working tirelessly to be inclusive with my sizes. Unfortunately my current production methods only allow for limited sizes. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


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